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Poetry and Tea #2 – Ginger

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Got my nice cup of ginger tea and it’s just warm enough to suit me.  Ginger can be better than medicine.  I got a horn that I must toot and it’s all because of this ginger root.  Consume this plant fresh, powdered or dried as a spice.  Nauseous and don’t wanna eat, well it’ll increase your appetite.  This is something your stomach will always want in.  Strengthening your immune system.  If it’s ginger root committing a crime, then you want to be the victim.  You want healthier skin and to reverse disease, then have several cups of ginger, please!  Cough and congestion?  That’s not funny.  Brew some ginger tea with honey, then you’ll be right on the money.  Making your cloudy days feel sunny.  Remember this when considering Poetry and Tea, because this was sent to you and it was sent to me.