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Poetry and Tea #1 – Chamomile

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Got my nice warm chamomile cup.  Just hot enough to not burn my taste buds.  This herb which provides many remedies, was sent to me and you.  And what it do, I mean what it does is, makes me buzz like a busy be across the page with poetry.  Blending my words with the taste of the herbs.  Allowing my mood to soothe and satisfy all lows and highs.  While this beautiful flower called chamomile, fits the bill.  Headlines the show.  Starring in this article.  Encouraging you to entice on the delights of today’s tea and see, and feel, chamomile.  That real deal that heals many remedies.  With this subtle, light tasting savory tea – that rests on my tongue so flavor-fully.  I must admit, I’m down to my last sips.  So I just might get, another cup of chamomile tea.  Remember, this was sent to you and it was sent to me.chamomile-chamomile-blossoms-medicinal-herb-herbal-medicine.jpg