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Poetry and Tea #58 – Checking In/Update

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It’s been over a year and a half since I first embarked on my desire to write about my new found love which is tea.  I realized it was sent to you, which in turn means it was sent to me.  Not knowing where this would lead, or how far it would go,  I decided to just write and continue to see.  Since I’ve embarked, I felt I’ve most definitely left my mark, thus far.  Filling up what I felt was a void, which I knew I would no longer avoid writing my way.  So I now offer you and anyone who, loves tea or  informative information on how tea can benefit you and not.  With snippets of tea facts, advantages and potential disadvantages to consuming it.  My purpose is to get the message out in regard to what drinking tea is can do for you and your life.  This is my contemporary way to display what I consider as modern day commercials, written literarily and poetically, and differently.  With that said, please continue to read my weekly blog posts, and tune in to my Poetry and Tea Podcast to enhance your life with the most widely consumed beverage on earth besides water…TEA!!!

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