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Poetry and Tea #57 – Hibiscus Loose

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You can drink a cup of this hot or cold.  Either way you have it, the flavor you’ll savor it and you are bold.  With fresh or dried flowers I’m sure you’ll devour this delicate tea, called Hibiscus at any hour.  From you to me and me to you, lets share this tea with each other.  The most significant part about it all is its’ beautiful shade of red color.  Its’ gorgeous deep pink hue adds serenity to the morning or a great afternoon.  So sink into your deep cocoon or loosely swinging hammock.  And get you a cup of Hibiscus tea and enjoy your day god damn it.  Now let me add it’s reputation for clogged pores and skin care.  It encourages you to feel younger, there’s no wonder that Hibiscus is now everywhere.  So, remember this when considering poetry and tea.  Because this was sent to you and it was sent to me.

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