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Poetry and Tea #52 – Ginger Loose

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A spicy and bold statement.  A natural kick to boot.  Can’t be anything else except dried ginger root loose.  Stomach soothing benefits that warm you up inside.  Promotes healthy digestion, a remedy that doesn’t hide.  One of my favorite teas.  It’s why I decided to share.  And if you’d like to try it, let me describe how its prepared.  If you’re using a saucepan, bring the water to a boil.  Add your ginger loose leaf tea, there’s not a lot of toil.  Turn off the heat, put on a lid, make sure you let it steep.  In about ten minutes you’ve prepared your tea and your mission is now complete.  So remember this when considering poetry and tea, because this was sent to you and it was sent to me.

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