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Poetry and Tea #39 – Mate’

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Got my nice warm cup of Yerba Mate’ tea and I must tell you this is new to me.  First let me tell you some things you’ll be facing if you don’t drink this tea in moderation.  Some consume with caution because it can make you nauseous.  Native to South America, it’s national drink, consumed for many benefits and this what I think.  Balancing cholesterol is one of the best benefits to me of them all.  Allowing your blood to circulate free, from clogged up arteries.  While practicing this habitual ritual there’s a lot to get and I’m not just talkin’ about antioxidants.  This tea is steeped in tradition and drank with a special straw, then its passed around from person to person, so come one come all.  This tea is inviting, I’m so enlightened to be introduced and my new purchase of it is proof.  So remember this when considering poetry and tea because this was sent to you and it was sent to me.