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Poetry and Tea #31 – Lemongrass

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Got a nice refreshing lemongrass beverage and all of its benefits is my leverage.  Healthy and very delightful, you should drink it just to be spiteful.  Drink it purposefully, cold or hot lemongrass tea.  It’s very addictive and easy to make and a cup a day won’t be a mistake.  Here’s a few benefits I’m gonna tell you, lemongrass tea is a healthy brew.  The fragrance of lemons, a mild sweet taste, it’s a delicious blend anytime, anyplace.  This perennial plant is grown in and out doors.  The nutritional value is what you have in store.  It helps get out all the toxins that’s in and it’s full of antioxidants that detox and cleanse.  Regulates high blood pressure and increases blood circulation.  Naturally good for hair and skin, its benefits will never end.  Lemongrass promotes overall health and that sounds good you see.  So remember this when considering poetry and tea, because this was sent to you and it was sent to me.


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