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Poetry and Tea #28 – Orange & Spice

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Got my nice warm cup of orange and spice and you better believe my tongue is enticed.  Orange peels, plenty sticks of cinnamon, a few slices of ginger if you wanna add it in.  Steep it and brew it, ain’t nothing to it, but to prepare it now and let your hair down.  Tastes great warm, a little better chilled.  Do what ever you like, just get your own feel.  Aren’t (orange) you ready for the nutrients and benefits that you can get?  Get out in the sun, sit under a tree, just drink this for Vitamin C.  Full of antioxidants content and positive effects of inflammation.  Brewed in minutes, fast enough if you patient.  Just enjoy  this nutrition boost of poetry and tea, because this was sent to you and definitely sent to me.

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