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Poetry and Tea #26 – Chocolate

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Got my nice warm cup of chocolate tea, a guilty pleasure for you and me.  Sip slow on this antioxidant packed cocoa.  You wouldn’t believe it has more than red wine and green tea.  This is as good as it can get and this cocoa we’re talkin’ about not milk chocolate.  There’s no artificial flavors here, just authenticity my dear.  Just cocoa and cocoa butter, two simple ingredients that compliment each other.  Now, things aren’t all good as you expect, drinking cocoa does have some side effects.  It does have caffeine and cause nervousness.  It can also cause an allergic skin reaction and most have never heard of this.  Increased urination and constipation are also things you can be facing.  So remember this when considering poetry and tea, because this was sent to you and it was sent to me.

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