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Poetry and Tea #25 – Cinnamon

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Got my nice warm cup of Cinnamon tea.  It’s delicious and was prepared easily.  This naturally spicy sweet flavor is one for everyone to savor.  Put the sugar away, because this flavorful herb has been used for thousands of days.  Drinking this tea you really can’t fail.  There are many health benefits, here’s some details.  Lowers cholesterol, blood sugar regulator, boosts immune system, nothing can be greater.  With a number of organic compounds, removing foreign pathogens, how that sounds.  Sounds like a recipe for me, that’s why I consume cinnamon tea.  Improves brain function and digestion.  Drink cinnamon tea is my suggestion.  Drink cinnamon tea is my suggestion.  Yes, I said that twice, because drinking this tea will have you feeling nice.  So remember when considering poetry and tea, because this was given to you and given to me.

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