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Tips – What you know about that? #13

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Food: Gluten free vs. grain free.  It doesn’t really matter to me, but there are some of us who suffer serious reactions to consuming these items.  Refined grains are low in nutrients, fattening, and can drive insulin resistance.  Gluten on the other hand can cause bloating, diarrhea, fatigue and headaches.  Either or the choice is yours.  Consume what feels right for you and avoid what feels wrong too.  

Health: Do you know that certain foods benefit and provide nutrition to specific body parts?  Take for instance ginseng.  The roots resemble human limbs and it’s a holistic cure for nearly all ailments.  There’s a strong belief that the strength behind the ginseng root strongly stems from its resemblance to the human body.  

Motivation: I got my mind on mines
                   Don’t got my mind on yours
                   My mind is opening up
                   Yours is closed behind doors

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