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Tips – What you know about that? #11

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FoodSteaming vegetables versus sauteing really has to do with your preference for taste and the integrity of the food.  If you seek a light and crisp taste, then side with steaming.  It still retains a lot of its nutrients.  Sauteing on the other hand can give your veggies an added taste with any of your favorite oils such as grapeseed, olive or coconut.  In this instance you lose valuable nutrients yet gaining your desired preferred taste…kind of a catch 22.  

HealthDid you know that certain foods benefit certain body parts?  Take for instance the avocado and pear.  They’re great for the health and functioning of the womb and cervix and resemble those organs as well.  Eating avocado balances hormones and prevents cervical cancer.  It even takes exactly nine months to grow an avocado from blossom to ripened fruit, just like a baby.
Motivation:  Success didn’t require me 
                    To look out the window
                    It required me to look into the mirror
                    I had to see myself
                    And like what I saw
                    With beauty and flaws
                    Persevering through pitfalls
                    Lifting myself up, only to fall again
                    And again,
                    And again.

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