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Tips – What you know about that? #10

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FoodTo bake, fry or grill, that is the question.  While each method has its individual benefits and drawbacks, baking your food seems to reign supreme when preparing meals.  The latter two meet with high temperatures required to deep fry and grill foods, making them react to form carcinogens.  Baking, hands down, helps maintain most of the nutritional value in our foods.  

HealthDid you know that certain foods benefit certain body parts?  Take for instance, the fig resembles a male testicle.  Figs are also full of seeds that hang in two’s when they grow.  Studies have also shown that figs increase the mobility of male sperm and increases sperm count as well as prevents the onset of male sterility.  

MotivationNothin’ ever worked
                    When I made excuses
                    Which are reasons for neglecting
                    Your best, Your potential
                    I had to change my mind,
                    My mental
                    To change my life
                    For a purpose bigger than me
                    A purpose I just now began to see

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