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Poetry and Tea #20 – Pu-erh

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Got my nice warm cup of pu-erh tea and its post-fermented wonderfully.  Made from the leaves and stem of the Camellia sinensis plant, I’ll suggest how much to drink and how much you can’t.  Has a little caffeine, not as much as other teas and its filled with benefits and medicinal properties.  This is why cups of pu-erh is worth it, it helps you think on you feet, helps mental alertness.  It may lower blood fats, specifically triglycerides, this should be a hit of dopamine to give you a natural high.  Besides several uses, I’ll tell you the best of all.  It contains lovastatin, which can lower cholesterol.  So from me to you and without any excuses consume your poetry and tea because it has many uses.

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