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Tips – What you know about that? #5

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Food: Creating your very own personal veggie pizza, is as simple as 1, 2, 3!  Simply thinly sliced, or slice to your liking, some of your favorite vegetables and pile them onto your pizza.  Make sure your sauce has only natural ingredients and even consider non-dairy cheese if you’d like to take it all the way vegan.  Bake on 350′ degrees for 10-13 minutes, then wha’la!  The other great American pie.  

Health: Did you know that certain foods benefit and provide nutrition to specific body parts?  Take for instance grapes, are great for the lungs and olives are wonderful for ovaries.  Grapes may taste sweet, but they don’t elevate blood sugar insulin levels.  Olives on the other hand, improves the quality of both sperm and egg, making olives and important part in fertility.  

Motivation: Who wrote the memo
                    I must’ve missed it
                    Cause you can’t be a genius
                    Or be gifted
                    Growing a mindset
                    When you’ve already fixed it

                            You better get with the program
                    And lay off television pro-grams 

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