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Tips – What you know about that? #1

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Food: While being pushed away from being a vegetarian and pulled toward becoming a full fledged vegan, I’ve learned one huge fact that I must share.  One things for sure and two for certain is, if you are not an excessive consumer of water, your best alternative is to eat your water.  Yes, eat your water!  Some of the top water rich foods are cucumbers, tomatoes, watermelon, broccoli and spinach to name a few. 

Health: Did you know that certain foods benefit and provide nutrition to specific body parts?  Take for instance the cliche’ of kidney beans being great for your kidneys and how they contribute to your kidney health.  Well, they are if consumed with a balanced diet.  

Motivation: Don’t keep makin’ excuses
                   Givin’ explanations
                   All that is basic
                   Gotta replace it wit
                   Punctuality and actuality
                   Make your dreams 
                   Your reality

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