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Poetry and Tea #11 – Chai

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Got my nice cup of tea with cinnamon spices and it tastes so good, it tastes so nice.  Wondering what or why?  It’s just that good old chai.  Preserving health and increasing peace of mind.  You should try chai of any kind.  A stealthy and healthy alternative to coffee.  If your trying to steal my chai, just back up off me.  This blend of herbs and spices is powerful to me and it’s been cherished for centuries, especially in India.  Improving digestion with no question.  Immune system advancement is what chai enhances.  Fights inflammation in mass situations.  And with its antioxidant properties, there’s no stopping you or stopping me, from drinking this tea…chai baby…I mean chow!  And remember how this tea was sent to you and sent to me.

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