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Poetry and Tea #8 – Mint

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Crisp clear and refreshing; take away your breath and leaves you in a state that’s heaven sent…thanks to peppermint, tea.  Fresh peppermint leaves give this mint tea recipe something that was sent to you and something that was sent to me.  Pungent menthol aroma and flavor is just enough for you to savor.  It’s a major deal when you can drink tea and heal.  And it’s your best bet if your stomach is upset, lest not forget.  It’s been used for centuries to relieve a variety of ailments, its been proven, it’s scientific.  Allow this tea to steep for three minutes and you can immediately get up in it.  A nice warm cup just enough to soothe the taste buds.  It is what it is and it was what is was, a proven beneficial tea bringing alertness and energy.  Remember, this was sent to you and sent to me.

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