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Poetry and Tea #6 – Earl Grey

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I got my nice warm cup of Earl Grey tea and I’m sipping it so leisurely.  It’s very safe for those in moderate doses and if you don’t know I’ll make sure you know this.  What more can I say about that Earl Grey?  Well, a few things actually.  First, it’s known as a flavored tea, scented with fruit, flowers, spices and oils artificially.  A blend of teas that you can typically find, with oils that add flavor from a bergamot orange rind.  Another thing I’ve found is that it has significant health benefits and active compounds.  So, drink a little bit of this tea, I just can’t.  I need all the goodness that comes from this tea plant.  Not to mention antioxidants that free your body of radicals.  What more can I say about Earl Grey, just to get you to see, that this tea was sent to you and most definitely sent to me.

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