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Poetry and Tea #4 – Green Tea

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Got my nice warm cup of green tea, which is said to improve memory and bone density. It’s not a farce, you might describe it as bitter and harsh, but just try a cup and you won’t get enough.  To you from me and its caffeine free, you gotta take me seriously.  It feels good when it settles.  It benefits your cells on a molecular level.  The antioxidants just aint it.  Of course there’s other benefits.  Wanna loose that muffin top?  Then start and never stop drinking this tea. It will treat your body wonderfully, while making you feel great; despite your preference for the taste.  Blood pressures high, well it makes it low.  Drink this tea anytime, no matter where you go.  Hot or cold, sweetened or un.  This tea is for you and me, so get you some.

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